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Whit's Frozen Custard in Short North


Welcome to Whit’s Frozen Custard Made Fresh Daily® (now that’s a mouthful)!


As our name states, we make our frozen custard fresh every day so you can enjoy the best experience that frozen custard has to offer. And if you knew how much love and care we put into each batch of Whit’s frozen custard you’d understand why we only feature four flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Whit’s Special Weekly Flavor and Whit’s in The Short North’s Daily Flavor. Four flavors is all anyone needs to create an endless variety of flavor combinations when you consider all our fruit toppings, nuts and candies that can be blended into custard to make our famous WhitserTM. And you can’t go wrong with our hand dipped waffle cones and all of our other delicious treats.

Frozen custard is a super premium grade of ice cream dessert. It was developed by the French over 100 years ago and has been referred to as “French Vanilla” ice cream. The great taste of frozen custard is attributed to the high quality dairy ingredients, 10% butterfat, a small amount of pasteurized eggs and the blending of very little air during production, thus a smooth and creamy texture with a rich flavor. Once you try Whit’s Frozen Custard, the excellent taste will bring you back for more.




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